Auctions 2017/2018
Auction 36 (18.03-25.03)
Auction 37 (20.05-27.05)

We now accept all major Cryptocurrencies for payments!
We accept BTC, ETH, XRP, ETC, LTC, ect.
1,9% handling fee will be added.
Please contact for details. YouTube channel
From this auction forward We start posting video clips of
selected coins and medals to YouTube to get better feeling about the product we are selling.
Follow us: YouTube channel

Shipping by FedEx
New worldwide FedEx shippinig option avalable.
Insurance up to 1000,- € from declared value.
Price: 50,- €
Fast and secure.
Shipping parcel from Estonia to Florida took only three days!
Regular post usually takes two to three weeks.


E-shop specials

Auction 35 (19.11-26.11)

You can view
auction result in archive

Auction 35:

sold for: 13050.-
sold for: 1310.-
sold for: 283.-
sold for: 927.-
sold for: 2390.-


Gold coins

Phone:  +372 556 898 57

10 roubles Nicholas II 1898-1904
we buy at 325,- €

5 rouble Nicholas II 1897-1904
we buy at 140,- €

15 rouble Nicholas II 1897
we buy at 520,- €

7,5 rublle Nicholas II 1897
we buy at 420,- €



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